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In terms of Sales and Customer Service: We offer to our partners a solid client network ( about 250 clients currently) covered by 6 area manager and a experienced Customer Service team in order to solve daily issues.

When introducing a brand, it is key to choose the appropriate partner.

After 80 years in the industry, we ensure to our suppliers and clients consistent and long term work. We are proud to give a very dedicated service to both clients and suppliers. From the beginning, we always concentrate on the brand communication strategy and the target market in order to build an appropriate sales and brand strategy for every partner.

In terms of Sales and Customer Service : We offer to our partners 250 clients network covered by 6 area manager sand an experienced Customer Service team for all the daily matters.

Our main sales channels are Independent retailers, Department store El Corte Ingles and Online businesses.

In terms of logistics, we manage thousands of goods every season and we are able to offer any kind of service of packaging, labeling and so on.

To our partners, we offer a powerful DROPSHIPPING service. This tool allows our clients to develop an online activity with strong added value.

As wholesale suppliers we stock our own inventory and we are able to integrate our ERP with yours to ship the online order goods directly to the customer. The biggest benefit of drop shipping is to be able to offer online stock variety without worrying stock or Logistics management.

We have a Quality control department in order to ensure that our customers will receive all goods perfectly in terms of quality, sizing, packaging, etc. Our aim is to avoid all kind of claims and keeping a brand standards on all products. We give weekly feedback to HQ Quality dept. of every brand we work.

Regarding, Retail business we manage two Fred Perry stores in Spain.  We are able to manage a network of stores providing store manager, stock and following all brand’s goals in terms of retail strategy and communication.

In terms of, Communication and Marketing: We work in the prestigious communication agency XXL in Barcelona in order increase the Brand Awareness of our portfolio of brands (magazines, events, social media) .We implement the global strategies of every brand locally providing monthly reports to Headquarters.